What can I do for you

Driving Lessons For You

Learn how to drive your horse properly, or learn on one of my already trained horses.

Train Your Horse To Drive

Let’s teach your horse how to drive confidently and safely.

Driving Clinic

Get some of your driving friends together and put on a clinic that will help everyone have a great driving experience.

Need A Judge

Are you putting on a horse show and need a judge, give me a call.

Combined Driving Judge

Thinking about putting on an ADT or CDE then give me a call and I will judge your event for you.

I am also available to help you set up your event.

Harnessing & Saddling

Would you like to purchase a copy of my book “Harnessing & Saddling A Step By Step Guide”?

It is available for $24.00 which includes S&H.

Combined Driving

Dressage….   Nothing is more beautiful than a well turned out horse and carriage doing ballet like movements…

Marathon…  Sheer power, determination and guts, this is not a race but a test of the drivers skill and ability….

Cones…  With precariously balanced balls on them, they are set just inches wider than the width of the carriage wheels for you to drive through.  Focus and nerves of steel is what is needed to win this final test….

Are you brave and bold enough for the excitement and thrill of combined driving?

Pleasure Driving

If your looking for a more relaxed and contained environment, than Pleasure Driving could be it.

Pleasure driving has various classes that take place within a large arena.  Drivers and horses go around the arena at the same time while driving their horses.  Your horse will need to be able to do the following gaits:  walk, working walk, trot, working trot, and lengthened trot, as well as a halt and backup.

You are judged on how well your horse does these gaits as well as on your total turnout appearance.


I am available to judge both Pleasure Driving shows as well as Combined Driving events throughout the United States.

Contact me for availability and rates for your next event.


I am available to put on a clinic for your group or club here at the Davis Ranch Combined Driving Center, or I can come to your place of choice.  I do clinics covering all three phases of Combined Driving as well as Pleasure Driving.

Contact me for availability and rates for your next clinic.

Harnessing & Saddling

I wrote the book “Harnessing & Saddling A Step By Step Guide” because I had seen so much bad harnessing, especially by those who were just getting started in driving.  This book is made to be taken to the barn with you, so you can follow the pictures as you harness your horse.

Contact me to purchase your copy of this well sought after book.

“Thanks so much for the outstanding lesson.  I appreciated your expertise very much and I think we will be doing better because of it!”

“Thank you for such a fun experience.  I look forward to the progress I can make with her and I promise to not push, rush or put either of us in a bad position if at all possible.

I had SUCH a good time I cannot tell you, I am still smiling!”

“I really learned so many things during your lessons and thanks for being on top of the dressage test that will be at the ADT.”

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