The dressage test is a pre-described pattern that the driver and the horse must go through.  The test can be from four and a half to nine minutes long depending on what level you are competing at. This pattern driven in an arena which is either 40 m x 80 m or    40 m x 100 m in size.  For the  small equines the arena is 20 m x 40 m or    20 m x 60 m in size.   Letters marking the arena provides the driver with reference points to be able to execute the movements.

During the dressage test the horse is judged on his freedom and regularity of paces.  They are also judged on lightness and ease of movement, as it develops through the pattern.

The horse is also judged on his agility, strength of engagement and impulsion. He must also accept the bit without resistance or tenseness of his body.