This past March I attended the ADCS Festival of Driving Show held at the Dale Creek Equestrian Village in Litchfield Park, Arizona.  I was joined by my miniature horse Spragues Orion Royale Herby otherwise know as “Snoopy”.

Snoopy is a 31″ American Miniature Horse and he is 22 years young.  He is a strawberry roan and has the personality of a gentle giant.

For this two day show I entered him in nine classes  which were either show ring driving or obstacle classes.  On Saturday he did very well in four of the five classes placing in the top six in all four.  Snoopy gave me all he had and was pretty tired by the end of the day.  He earned a well needed meal and a super rest for the rest of the day.

Now I had been having some issues with his back hocks, as they are showing signs of arthritis, so it was not surprising that Sunday morning he was a bit stiff.  I spent the first thirty minutes trying to limber him up at a walk.

When they called out first class of the morning we made it about two times around the arena and it was obvious that he was not comfortable driving so I withdrew him from the class.  At this point I decided that he had had enough and that we would get packed up and head for home.

Snoopy is now on a joint supplement and an arthritis medicine Equioxx and he is doing very well and is moving more normal.

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