This past Saturday and Sunday November 12 & 13, Pinegrove’s Sailor Boy Does Back To Back ADT’s in Litchfield Park, at the Dale Creek Equestrian Center.  The hosts opened up their facility to forty one horses and their carriage drivers for the weekend.  The event was put on by the Arizona Carriage & Driving Society which is the carriage driving club of Arizona.  The event organizers did a great job and both events went on time and in a very orderly fashion.  One of the clubs members Kevin Fetherston took pictures of cones for the ADT on Saturday and then pictures of hazard two at the Sunday ADT.  Some of the pictures you will see are ones that Kevin took so credit goes to him, thanks so much Kevin!

I headed out Friday morning with Pinegrove’s Sailor Boy at about nine in the morning.  As usual Sailor was ready and walked right into the trailer for his next adventure.  I arrived at the facility about eleven thirty and found a stall for Sailor and a nice parking place for our rig for the weekend.

I had time later in the afternoon to walk the cones course several times and also the hazards.  Both were pretty straight forward and easy to see and navigate.  My day ended by having dinner with friends that we had not seen in quite awhile.  We had a great dinner and lots of good conversation and many laughs.

Saturday morning was cool and sunny as I got ready for dressage followed by cones.  I was the fifth competitor to go out at 8:32 am.  Dressage went quite well and it felt good from the beginning.  Cones started out good but Pinegrove’s Sailor Boy wasn’t sure of the cones setters that were leaning over the fence, but with lots of soft word of reassurance he made it through all twenty sets of cones.  The only mistake was mine so I had one ball down.

Hazards would not start until 1:00 pm so Sailor had a chance to eat and rest before running them.  Allan and I helped man one of the hazards while the miniature horses and ponies went through before hitching of Sailor for our go around.  Pinegrove’s Sailor Boy did a great job and our average time through the hazards was about sixty seconds.  Fun was had by both horse and humans and we took first place for Intermediate Single Horse.

I got Sailor settled in for the night and I followed as the morning would come around fast and I will be going earlier than I did today.

Sunday morning was a bit cooler and there some high clouds so my jacket would be staying on for dressage and cones.  I was second to go and I was hoping that Pinegrove’s Sailor Boy would ignore all of the things he was concerned about on Saturday.  That is just what he did!   Dressage went even smoother than Saturday so I was really pleased when we headed to cones.  Cones today was no issue and we flew through all twenty sets with a clear run.

I proceeded to get Sailor settled in his stall and went to get coffee and a breakfast burrito from the vendor that was brought in for the weekend.  As I was walking back to the trailer, I went by the secretaries table and picked up my dressage test and I was more than pleased with our score for the day.  My test showed 48.6 which is the best score Sailor and I have gotten to date.  There were lots of positive feedback in the judges comments and I thought to myself, I would be happy to just go home at this point, having worked so hard to get this type of score.  What a way to end the last competition of the year.

The afternoon went pretty much the same as Saturday with faster times in the hazards. I closed the day out with another first place in Intermediate Single Horse.  Being proud of Sailor and how far he has come is hard to put into words.  When my horses get into their teens, they turn into just great competitors!!



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