Spragues Orion Royal Herbie or “Snoopy” as we call him, took a first place at the SSC Arizona Driving Trial.  It was a beautiful day when we arrived at the hosting facility.  We found miniature horses and their people milling around,  getting their trailers unpacked.

First order of business was to check in and then I went to check out the dressage arena.   The cones course comes right after dressage so I needed to walk it several times so memorize it.  There were several blind turns in it which could be a problem if you are not ready for them.

By now it was about 10:00 so I had plenty of time to watch some of the drivers do dressage as well as cones.  It looked like everyone was having a good time with their miniature horses.

Finally it was time for me to get Spragues Orion Royal Herbie ready to drive.  After a good brush out I harnessed him up and we took a leisurely stroll down to the dressage arena.  There were still two competitors waiting to go, who were in front of me.  This made for a short wait until it was my time to go.

Spragues Orion Royal Herbie was ready to go, so we took our one lap around the  arena and proceeded up the center line.  Stopped and saluted the judge.  The last time I competed with Spragues Orion Royal Herbie, was in 2004 at the Old Pueblo CDE (Combined Driving Event) in Tucson Arizone.  I was not surprised that Snoopy just went to work like it was just yesterday.  He did a fantastic job in dressage and I couldn’t have been more proud of him.

We then proceeded to the cones course where they were still setting the cones width for us. The judge blew her whistle when ready and away we drove. We did a good part of the course at the canter so that we could make our time.  It was a great plan as we were only two seconds over in time and we had no balls down. Spragues Orion Royal Herbie really enjoyed doing the cones, as always.

All competitors took a break for lunch for both them and their horses.  After which we all hitched up our horses for the obstacles, of which there were four.  Spragues Orion Royal Herbie had a great go through all four of the obstacles.  We had to race through four gates in each of the obstacles in the fastest time possible, while still being safe.

By the end of the day Spragues Orion Royal Herbie had the top dressage score of all the competitors and the top combined score overall.  We placed first in the preliminary single horse division.  Not to bad for a 21 year old who hadn’t competed in a CDE  since 2004.


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