Snoopy’s In Demand at Nursing Homes so on July 29, 2015 my miniature horse Spragues Orion Royal Herbie,  “Snoopy” and I spent the morning at the High Gate Senior Living Center in Prescott Arizona.  This is the second home we have visited this year and we have another one later this month at the Prescott Nursing Rehabilitation Center.

Snoopy is a 20 year old 31″ mini gelding.  Previously he had been a competition and show horse in both pleasure driving and combined driving.

Now in his more mature years he enjoys visiting nursing homes and children’s programs here in the Prescott area.

I actually take Snoopy inside the nursing homes and into the rooms of the patients that can not get up. I visit the group areas and always answer many questions about the little horses.

Many times I am joined by my good friend Shirley and her Mini Buddy.

Spragues Orion Royal Herbie at nursing homes

It’s been a busy month for Snoopy. On August 15, 2015 the local Miniature Horse Club put on a “Meet A Mini” event at the Chino Valley city center park.  The main purpose was to introduce the general public and especially children to the uniqueness of the Miniature horse.  In all there were sixteen minis that showed up to the event.  It was a perfect setting in which to have one on one petting and loving on a mini. Lots of parents along with their children ranging in age from one to twelve years old enjoyed meeting all of the minis.

Snoopy at meet a mini

The children were able to have their picture taken with their favorite mini to take home with them.

Then on August 21, 2015 Snoopy headed over to the Prescott Nursing and Rehabilitation Center for a meet and greet with the residents of the facility.

The greeting occurred in their outside patio under the shade which he thought was great.  He was able to have his picture taken with many of the residents and of course they all thought he was handsome.

This facility has special memories for me as it is where  my father spent his last six months.  I brought Snoopy many times to see my dad when he was there and it always cheered him up.

On May 27, 2016 we once again returned to Prescott Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center to visit the many patients that live there, or are there for rehabilitation. It is always so much fun for the patients and myself.

Spragues Orion Royal Herbie at nursing homes

Then just this last week on September 30, 2016 we went and visited the High Gate Senior Living Center and nursing home for another visit.  There was quite a crowd waiting for us to arrive and everyone had a chance to pet and or hug a Miniature horse.  Snoopy especially loves the petting.  He walked over to one patient and they did not pay attention to him so he put his head on their lap and waited to be noticed.  It is amazing the smiles and stories that the people living there tell us about.  The smiles are the best!

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