Scampi’s Silver Fox

Scampi’s Silver Fox, born May 15, 2016,  is my up and coming driving sport pony.  The cross between my Hackney mare SBF Shrimp Scampi and his sire Teignhead King of Clubs, who is a Dartmoor Pony, is proving to be a great combination.  Silver’s sire is contributing more bulk and he definitely has the mind of his mother.

Silver is now four months old and is a very independent little guy. I have just separated him from his mom and he has taken it in stride.  Next week the veterinarian will be out to geld him and remove his wolf teeth if they are showing.  When Silver is about eighteen months I will start ground driving him in preparation for his upcoming cart work.  Follow Silver’s as he grows up and watch how his training comes along in the future.

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