Pinegrove’s Sailor Boy is a Friesian Sporthorse, FSHA (Friesian Sporthorse Association) and FHH (Friesian Heritage Horse) 16.1 hand gelding, which I have had since he was three year old.  He came to me via an Amish Farm in Wisconsin, an auction in Denver, CO, and a driving ranch in Las Cruces, NM.

Pinegrove’s Sailor Boy was young and not yet grown into himself, and it would take another three years before we would try our first CDE (Combined Driving Event). I competed in six events in 2009 in training division and did quite well, but he was still growing into maturity. The following year we moved up to preliminary division and by the end of 2011 we were doing advanced work.

I competed in one event in March of 1012 then took the next twenty months off due to my husbands health issues.  I then managed one event in November 2013.  I competed at intermediate level because of the time off and we placed second at this event.   Although not competing was hard, I think that the time off had given Pinegrove’s Sailor Boy a chance to physically finish growing to his current 16.1 hands.   Even better it had given his mind a chance to finish growing up too.

In May of 2014 I head to northern California for the Vineyard Classic for Pinegrove’s Sailor Boy first major CDE in several years. Dressage went well but we were confronted with a major waterfall on the marathon course and Pinegrove’s Sailor Boy was having nothing to do with it so we had to retire. Later in the year we did an ADT and he did quite well there.

For 2015 we planned a trip to the east coast to be able to get some major competing under Pinegrove’s Sailor Boy belt.  After six events over a 2 1/2 month period Pinegrove’s Sailor Boy had finally learned to be calm around all of the strange things that go on at major events. We placed well at all of the events. Read about our trip in another post.


FEIT Certificate of Inspection: Sport Horse Standard High Merit Award  Score 7.909

FEIT Certificate of Inspection: Dressage Driving Ster Test Score 7.816

Friesian Sport Horse: Combined Driving 2008-2015 1st Place

Friesian Heritage Horse: Combined Driving Open Award 2009-2015 Champion

Katydid CDE, Aiken, SC Nov. 2015 5th Preliminary
Pinetree CDE, Southern Pines, NC Oct. 2015 7th Preliminary
Pinetree CT, Southern Pines, NC Oct. 2015 4th Preliminary
Lets Have Fun In Texas HDT, Burnet, TX Oct. 2015 1st Intermediate
ADCS ADT, Tucson, AZ Oct. 2015 2nd Intermediate
ADCS ADT, Prescott, AZ Sep. 2015 1st Intermediate
Vineyard Classic, Woodland, CA May. 2014 Retired Intermediate
ADCS ADT, Litchfield Park, AZ Nov. 2013 2nd Intermediate
Festival of Driving-Scurry Obstacles Nov. 2013 2nd
Festival of Driving-Pleasure Pace Nov. 2013 5th
Arizona CDE, Coolidge, AZ Mar. 2012 3rd Intermediate
Grass Ridge CDE, Sonoita, AZ Oct. 2011 1st Advanced
Shady Oaks CDE, Lodi, CA Sep. 2011 5th Advanced FEI
The Duck Club HDT, Oxnard, CA Jul. 2011 2nd Advanced
WSS Vineyard Classic, Woodland, CA May. 2011 6th Intermediate
Grass Ridge CDE, Sonoita, AZ Oct. 2010 1st Intermediate
The Duck Club HDT, Oxnard, CA Jul. 2010 1st Intermediate
WSS Vineyard Classic, Woodland, CA May. 2010 14th Preliminary
Grass Ridge CDE, Sonoita, AZ Oct. 2009 5th Preliminary
ADCS  “2009” ADT Series Dec. 2009 2nd Training
ADCS ADT, Paulden, AZ Sep. 2009 4th Training
ADCS ADT, Prescott, AZ May. 2009 3rd Training
Arizona HDT, Coolidge, AZ Mar. 2009 5th Training
ADCS ADT, Apache Junction, AZ Feb. 2009 3rd Training
ADCS ADT, Sonoita, AZ Jan. 2009 3rd Training
ADCS ADT, Apache Junction, AZ Feb. 2008 1st Preliminary
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