Today is the last day of our 5800 mile trip to North Carolina and back. You might know that the last day of our trip would turn out to be the worst weather.  After leaving Grants we first had to stop for diesel and once we got to the freeway it was snowing and the visibility was closing in.  For the first hour or so I followed behind an eighteen wheeler so I could see his tracks in the snow on the road.  By this time visibility was about one-hundred feet so I needed all the help I could get.

Once it started to clear a bit I was exhausted so I let Allan take over for the next few hours.  It was good that I did as we now faced high winds and more snow and rain.  The weather again cleared between Winslow Arizona and Flagstaff which gave us some rest time while driving.  Once past Flagstaff the snow started again and we drove in it all the way until we got off the freeway onto 89 that goes south to Prescott.

We finally pulled into the ranch about 1:40 and were never so glad to be able to stop.  Of all the days of driving that we did the last two days were the worst so I guess that’s and too bad of an average.

I truly did have a great time on the trip and Sailor gave me everything he had each time that I asked him, so the way I look at it, it was a great success.

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