Driving Competitions Across America October 4, 2015

Woke up this morning to a strong breeze and cloudy skies.  Our go time for the obstacles is 7:40 am so I was up at 5:30 am to feed Sailor so he could at least get some of it eaten before having to go work.  At about 7:00 am we started to get ready to drive.  Sailor needed to be brushed out and hoofs picked.  As we hopped onto the carriage and headed for the safety check the wind got even stronger.  As usual the start of the obstacles was running late so we didn’t go until about 7:55.  Heading for the first obstacle Sailor had plenty of energy and listened to all of my commands.  After exiting I realized that Sailor needs a lot more space in which to make his turns than Daniel ever did, so in the future I need to keep this in mind. The next obstacle was large and flowing so we were able to complete it in less time.  Obstacle three proved also to be a lot tighter for him and I did some rethinking on the go as we went through in good time.  The last obstacle was again tight for him but there was not a lot of room to expand so we drove it slower than I would have liked.  All in all he did a great job in all four obstacles. We placed second in Intermediate Single Horse.

Once returning back to the trailer Sailor got a well-deserved bath and we packed to get on our way once again.  Our goal was to drive to Anthony, New Mexico which is right on the Texas border.  We pulled in about 4:15 central time to a lovely overnight boarding facility who had a nice roomy stall made up for Sailor.  Tonight he will sleep well!

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