On Saturday May 31, 2014 I held a Fun Day at Davis Ranch Combined Driving Center for the Miniature horse club here in the Prescott area.  We started off the day with fun games with your mini in hand.

Musical gunny sacks always gets every one started off in a good mood.  After which can a more challenging Right Brain Left Brain.  Groups of four are linked together at there elbows making one person use their left hand only and the other their right.  The two center people tell the left and right people what to do and the two hands cannot talk.  They have to catch a loose mini and halter them, sounds simple but it is not.

The next game was a water race followed by a game of jeopardy, of course all question were equine related.

After a well needed lunch for both participants and horses the afternoon was dedicated to fun driving games for you and your horse.

The obstacle course consisted of driving three obstacles with sets of cones in number sequence spaced between them.  The driver had to drive their horses through water and over a bridge. A Fun and safe time was had by all as they raced around the course.  Looking forward to having another Fun Day at the Davis Ranch Combined Driving Center.