Spragues Orion Royale Herbie

Spragues Orion Royale Herbie or Snoopy as he is called around the barn is an AMHA & AMHR (American Miniature Horse) gelding that stands 31″ tall.  I purchased Spragues Orion Royale Herbie as a foal and have had him his whole life. I guess you can call him the patriarch of the ranch as he turned 21 this year.  One would think that these little ones would not be good for much, but don’t let their size deceive you.  They are a very versatile breed.  I started showing Snoopy in hand when he was two years old.  He always placed in the top five in his classes. By the time he was three he was driving and he proved to be very good at it.

Over the years he has won many Pleasure Driving Classes as well as Obstacle Driving classes. When Spragues Orion Royale Herbie was four he did his first CDE (Combined Driving Event) with his then partner Sedona.  I drove this pair for five years and then finally in 2007 the American Driving Society  recognized Miniature Horses in Combined Driving. Spragues Orion Royale Herbieis very versatile, he is my lead horse in pairs, tandem and four-in-hand.  When his other team mates didn’t want to go something (like through water) all I have to do is tell him to go and if he had to he would pull the rest through.

Spragues Orion Royale Herbie was my driving horse in a Miniature Horse Drill Team for many years, doing parades and driving demonstrations.

I still drive Snoopy but now just for the fun of it.  His favorite thing to do now is as a therapy horse visiting nursing homes and children’s library programs here in the Prescott area.


Stared in The Nutcracker put on by the Prescott High School, at the Ruth Street Theater (2002)

Featured in the Miniature Horse World Magazine August/September 2007

Performed in the Mini Sensations drill team at the 2002 Equifest, Prescott

Show Career from 1996-present, he has won many 1st places in CDE’s and Show Ring Driving

Event Date Horse Place Level
Old Pueblo CDE, Tucson, AZ Dec. 2004 Snoopy 4th Prelim
SSC HDT May. 2001 Snoopy & Sedona 2nd Prelim
Arizona CDE, Coolidge, AZ Mar. 2001 Snoopy & Sedona 2nd Prelim
Pegasus CDE, Utah Jul. 2000 Snoopy & Sedona 1st Training
Arizona CDE, Coolidge, AZ Jun. 2000 Sedona & Snoopy 1st Training
Old Pueblo CDE, Tucson, AZ Mar. 2000 Sedona & Snoopy 1st Training
ADCS Mini’s CDE Jan. 2000 Snoopy & Sedona 1st Prelim
Old Pueblo CDE, Tucson, AZ Nov. 1999 Snoopy & Sedona 1st Prelim
California Classic CDE, Rollings Hills, CA Nov. 1999 Sedona & Snoopy 1st Training
Arizona CDE, Coolidge, AZ Mar. 1999 Snoopy & Sedona 4th Training


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