SBF Shrimp Scampi is a Hackney/Pinto, 12 hand pony mare. I purchased her as a five year old because I was impressed with her driving ability.  At the time she was in foal for the third time in three years.  After her foal was born and weaned I started her back in harness, and you would not have even known that she had not been driven since she was two.

I took her to her first ADT (Arena Driving Trail) in September 2006 where we placed 5th.  Since then I have competed with SBF Shrimp Scampi in CDE’s (Combined Driving Events) in Arizona and California. SBF Shrimp Scampi has done quite well all the way through Intermediate level, but due to her size, competing with her at advanced is not an option, as she cannot keep up with the larger 14.2 hand ponies.  For the past few years I have used her for student lessons which she has done very well at.

Last year (1015) I decided to breed SBF Shrimp Scampi to get a Sportpony.  She was bred to “Teignhead King of Clubs” a Dartmoor pony from Germany.  I have always liked Dartmoor ponies but they are really hard to obtain here in the United States.  I had the opportunity to drive several of them back a few years and I found them to be very solid and level headed.  I am hoping to get a foal with SBF Shrimp Scampi personality and more of the bulk from the sire.  Watch for pictures sometime in May.

SSC AMHR/ASPC Show Halter Pony Oct. 2014 1st
SSC AMHR/ASPC Show Halter Pony Championship Oct. 2014 1st
SSC AMHR/ASPC Show Open Showmanship Oct. 2014 5th
SSC AMHR/ASPC Show/Pleasure Driving Oct. 2010 4th
SSC AMHR/ASPC Show/Halter Oct. 2010 1st
ADCS ADT, Prescott, AZ Jun. 2010 3rd Inter
ADCS ADT, Prescott, AZ Oct. 2009 4th Prelim
Grass Ridge CDE, Sonoita, AZ Oct. 2008 5th Inter
ADCS ADT, Prescott, AZ Sep. 2008 3rd Inter
SSC ADT, Paulden, AZ Aug. 2008 1st Inter
Ram Tap CDE Fresno, CA Apr. 2008 HC Inter
Arizona CDE, Coolidge, AZ Mar. 2008 3rd Inter
ADCS ADT, Prescott, AZ Oct. 2007 2nd Inter
Arizone CDE, Coolidge, AZ Mar. 2007 5th Prelim
SSC ADT, Paulden, AZ Sep. 2006 2nd Training
ADCS ADT, Prescott, AZ Sep. 2006 5th Training
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