Over the years of competing I have found that the majority of Combined Driving Events will definitely have a water obstacle and some sort of a wooden bridge.

At the event in North Carolina last year there was a very memorable bridge.  I was camped close to the stable where Sailor was at.  For the first couple of days every time a car went by there was this loud banging within ear shot.  It was not until we walked the marathon course that we realized, that I would be driving my horse over that noisy bridge.

It was at that moment that I realized how much I loved my bridge that I had built on our Combined Driving course.

In 2012 we contracted with a good friend,  to design and build a bridge over the wash on our property.  Now the wash is probably 24 feet wide and 12 feet deep.  This wash carries about 1200 cubic feet per second of water when we get a major storm, that a lot of water!  This area on the property is part of my marathon course.  I had been driving down into the wash ever since we bought the property, but when it was full of water and soggy one could not driven there at all.  I decided to put the bridge in as a way to get across the wash.  I also use the bridge for training my horses and student horses to walk over a bridge.

Horses do not readily want to cross a bridge as the echoing of their hooves on the wood can be quite upsetting for them.  Being able to work with the horses in a calm environment makes it easier to get them to cross.

Watch the video below and get an idea of what it takes to build a custom bridge that is sturdy and safe enough for a horse and carriage to go over.